This financial security leaves the F&O prohibited list on September 21 5 Remaining: complete list

By Malvika Gurung — One stock was removed from the National Exchange’s futures and options (F&O) ban list on Sept. 21, 2022, bringing the total to five on the list.

The stock of real estate financing Indebulls (NS:) Housing finance was omitted from the F&O ban list on Wednesday, while five stocks remain on the list during today’s session. They understand:

  • private stock lender RBL Bank (NS:),
  • the stock of games and hospitality Delta Corporation (NS:),
  • the tractor manufacturer Escorts (NS:),
  • the stock of the multiplex operator PVR (NS:), and
  • cement producer India Cements (NS:).

All five stocks exceeded 95% of the market-wide position limit (MWPL), which banned them from trading in the futures and options segment during the day, and will continue to remain on the list until their positions fall below 80%.

While on the futures and options ban list, no new F&O positions can be bought or sold for the stocks, otherwise that trader is penalized. Traders with existing positions in this security can unwind their positions.

Additionally, the market-wide position limit is set by the exchanges.

The NSE directs all clients/members to trade derivative contracts of the above securities only to reduce their positions by offsetting positions.

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