Thriller That Survived Bankruptcy Goes Into A High-Speed ​​Chase On Netflix

by Rowing Photos

We’ve been conditioned to believe that any movie that’s been on the shelf for years isn’t going to be very good, and while that’s an entirely accurate assumption in many cases a forgotten thriller Kidnap was placed on the ice for reasons beyond his control.

Director Luis Prieto’s wacky chase movie was filmed in late 2014 and was set to hit theaters in October the following year. However, audiences didn’t get to see Halle Berry take matters into their own hands until August 2017, after distributor Relativity Media went bankrupt before finally selling the distribution rights.

by Rowing Photos

At the end, Kidnap didn’t quite manage to escape the stigma of the long-delayed curse by finishing with a Rotten Tomatoes score of just 35%, even though it at least managed to earn nearly $35 million at the box- office with a budget of $21 million. Proving that all B-level thrillers are more than capable of living to fight another day, however, the absurd caper has embarked on a fierce chase up Netflix’s ratings charts.

By FlixPatrol, Kidnap put the pedal to the metal and accelerated the world rankings, with many viewers at home eager to know what happens when Berry’s single mother tries to solve the kidnapping of her young son by any means possible on her own needed, no matter the cost to herself or those around her.

Things get sillier as the story progresses, but that’s to be expected given the fantastic premise, although the Oscar-winning actor is exactly as reliable as expected when he it’s about anchoring the reinforced material in some sense of reality.

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